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Meet the iConfinement module

There could not have been a better occasion. As the world is in confinement, we are gladly announcing the iConfinement first module. It’s purpose is to make your life easier, especially at work. It is a reflection of our deep-rooted values which we believe in, productivity and trust.

Tripple your productivity

An office worker is in average working between 7h to 9h a day. From now on, with the iConfinement module you can up to triple your productivity to 24/7/365 with the minimal effort of plugging in a USB port.


Why is iConfinement special ?

Our teams worked hard to produce an high quality product that we could summarize into these keys specifications :

  • A durable lifetime (+20.000hours)
  • USB Plug and Play
  • Working with any laptop
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX & Linux
  • Portable & Light
  • Biodegradable case